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2024/05/09 Sun Country Dropping Unspecified Routes
2024/03/23 Sun Country President Eyes Second Focus City
2024/02/20 Sun Country Adds 3 Airports, Solves MRY Mystery
2024/02/09 Sun Country Didn't Win EAS, But Adding Anyway
2024/01/24 Sun Country Retaliates Against Frontier Route
2024/01/07 SUN SERVICE HISTORY 1970-07 to 2024-05
2023/12/21 Sun Country Loses 2 EAS Bids to SkyWest
2023/11/29 Sun Country Adds Fee That Should Be Outlawed
2023/11/20 Sun Country Cuts Fleet Due to Captain Shortage
2023/10/17 Sun Country Adds 11 Markets
2023/10/05 Sun Country Proposes 3rd EAS Subsidy Airport
2023/09/27 Sun Country Proposes Service To a 2nd EAS Airport
2023/06/11 Sun Country CEO Sells Half of Stake
2023/05/30 Sun Country: EAS Service to Eau Claire (EAU), YIKES
2023/05/23 Sun County Adds 3 New Routes for Winter
2023/05/10 Sun Country Cancels Atlantic City (ACY) Service
2023/04/29 Sun Country Talks Widebodies and Seattle Expansion
2023/04/05 Sun Country Acquires 737-900s for Expansion?
2023/03/30 Sun Country Adds Green Bay (GRB)-Orlando (MCO)
2023/03/29 Sun Country Schedules Round-Robin Routing
2023/03/20 Sun Country to Branson (BKG) and Salt Lake (SLC)
2023/02/04 Sun Country: Amazon Growth Paused
2022/11/15 Sun Country Announces Big Expansion
2022/11/14 Sun Country Back to Grand Cayman (GCM)
2022/10/20 Sun Country Adds Melbourne (MLB)
2022/09/29 Sun Country Not Returning to Orange County (SNA)
2022/08/31 Sun Country Adds Ft. Walton Beach (VPS)
2022/07/25 Sun Country Ponders Return to Europe, Widebodies
2022/05/13 Sun Country Bids EAS Out of Eau Claire (EAU)
2022/05/10 Sun Country Cheerleads Spirit Merger
2022/04/28 Sun Country (SY) Bails on St. Louis (STL) Plans
2022/04/01 Sun Country Begins New Caesars Charter Deal
2021/06/08 Sun Country To Fly MSP-GPT/MSY, Extend RDU, XWA
2021/05/17 Sun Country Adds IAH-CUN/LAS
2021/04/16 Sun Country to BTV?